Dark Silence In Suburbia

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Matt Duffin


Snapshot. Encaustic wax, 7 x 7".

Baited. Encaustic wax, 12 x 12".

Untitled. Encaustic wax, 20 x 20".

Apparition. Encaustic wax, 20 x 20".

Disconnect. Encaustic wax, 28.5 x 28.5".

Landline. Encaustic wax., 8 x 16". Solid sterling frame. Designed and handcrafted by Flannery Grace Horan.

Dropping. Encaustic wax, 12 x 12".

Holding On. Encaustic wax, 18 x 20".

Untitled. Encaustic wax, 7 x 7".

Halfmoon. Encaustic wax, 28 x 28".

Untitled. Encaustic on illustration board, 22 x 21".

Mother Hen. Wax on illustration board, 27 x 25".

Mixed Messages. Encaustic wax, 10 x 8".

Dead Weight. Waxon illustration board, 10 x 10".

Pipe Dream. Wax on illustration board, 12 x 12".

Waiting for Green. Wax on illustration board, 15 x 13".


Bright Ideas. Encaustic wax, 22 x 21".

Billboard Blinders. Encaustix wax, 27 x 21".

Bird Brain. Encaustic wax, 19 x 16".

Dial Up. Encaustic wax, 20 x 16".

I'm All Ears. Encaustic wax, 18 x 14".


Tried and True. Encaustic wax, 16 x 16".

Giddy Up. Encaustic wax, 21 x 20".

Tenderfoot. Encaustic wax, 17.5 x 17.5".

Crowd Control. Wax on illustration board, 23 x 25".

My Inner Voices. Encaustic wax, 20 x 16".

The Formative Years. Wax on illustration board.

Bottom Line. Encaustic wax, 14 x 11".

A Call For Arms. Encaustic wax.


Behind The Curve. Encaustic wax, 24 x 24".

Greener Grass. Encaustic wax, 8 x 8".

In The Hole. Encaustic wax, 12 x 16".

High Noon. Encaustic wax, 16 x 16".

All In The Family. Encaustic wax, 19.5 x 18".

Homestretch. Encaustic wax, 22.5 x 20.5.

Keeping Time. Encaustic wax, 16 x 16".

Matt Duffin was born in 1968 and grew up in Houston, Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Houston. He never practiced as an architect, choosing instead to become an artist. Through art, he found that he could easily combine his tendency toward right angles and perspective drawing with the more human themes of solitude and irony. Over time, his medium has evolved from charcoal to encaustic wax, but he continues to dwell in the realm of dark recesses and stark contrasts.


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