Dark Silence In Suburbia

Friday, September 13, 2013

Alex Wein

The Copycat

The Copycat, 2012. Baltimore, Maryland.

Ian, A 103.

Ben, A 107.

Patrick, A 202.

Marijs, Nemanja, Dusan, A 205.

Kalynn, A 208.

Jhon, A 208.

Megan and Kali, A 301.

Frank, A 304.

Robert and Tamar, A 401.

Eric and Toby, A 404.

Ken, A 406.

Jason, A 501.

Jeramie and David, A 504.

Warren, B 101.

Reece, B 102.

Alison, B 203.

Ebbie, B 302.

Vishwam, B 303.

Sara, B 401.

Wynnie, B 503.

Colin, F 601.

Alice, F 601.

The Victorian styled warehouse was built by the Crown Cork & Seal Company in 1897 to house
an industrial factory for the newly invented bottle cap.
One century later, the warehouse is nicknamed The Copycat, and is home to the creative class
of Baltimore, Maryland. The residents of today share their live and work spaces wich are built,
torn down and rebuilt to fit the needs of their creative practice.

Selected Photographs

Spawding, Durham, 2010.

Byron , Jessica, 2011.

Rachel waking, 2009.

Strongman, Jessica skating, Baltimore, 2010.

Perch, Untitled (Pigeons), 2011.

Untitled (Rooftop), 2009.

Henry, Baltimore, 2010.

Two Boys, San Francisco, 2011.

Alex Wein is an artist based in Oakland working in photography, video and sculpture.
Currently exploring fiction and the uncanny realism that it inspires. In 2012, he received
a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and co-published his first book, The Copycat.


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