Dark Silence In Suburbia

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brandon Vickerd

Sputnik Returned, 2013. 
Stainless Steel. Dimensions: 60 feet by 12 by 6.
Replica of the first manmade satellite to orbit the earth.

Installed as a part of Sculpture by the Sea 2013, in Arrhus, Denmark.

Faltering Monuments, 2012
Hardwood, varathane.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Robert E. Lee

Astromonkey 2012
Bronze, steel, poplar wood.

The Passenger 2012
Taxidermy, clothing, metal.

Installed in Gare Central, Montreal, CQ for the exhibition Art Souterrian.

Chrome Ghost 2007
Sheet steel, chrome.

Apeshit 2002
Forged and welded steel, hooked and spun steel wool, silicone.

Born at Windsor, ON in 1975. Living andworking in Toronto, ON.

Brandon Vickerd is represented by Art Mûr Gallery


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