Dark Silence In Suburbia

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Laurent Chehere

Fliying Houses

Harmonie / Harmony

La linge qui seche / The linen wich dries

A vendre / To sale


En feu / On fire

Aveugle / Blind

Mc Do

La blanchisserie / The laundry


Caravane / Caravan

Cinema X

Le balon rouge / The red balloon

La grande illusion / The great illusion

Dr. Pierre

Trace on mur / On the wall

Le voyeur / Peeping Tom

Hotel du Lion D'Or / Hotel of Golden Lion

Laurent Chehere is a french photographer who used to work in advertising.

Even in his commercial work French photographer Laurent Chehere clearly has a creative and curious eye for his surroundings.  An avid traveler, Chehere enjoys exploring the cities he visits.  This becomes especially evident in his series Flying Houses.  The series contains a number of photographs of floating buildings.  The buildings seem otherwise ordinary, perhaps tethered by power lines, quietly floating in the sky.  Chehere achieved the effect by taking photographs of buildings throughout the suburbs of Paris and digitally manipulating them.

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