Dark Silence In Suburbia

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dmitri Obergfell

3 D

Long Neck Madonna, 2010.

Something about the state of being, 2011.

Four Kingdoms, 2012.

Together at Last, 2012.

DJ Screw Serra, 2010.

Millennial Boy Band, 2012.

Infinite Ladder, 2010.

Statues Also Die, 2010.

Kingdom of Ends, 2013. Saw horses, wood, mirror, crystal candle sticks, candles and wax, 30 x 42 x 44".

Kingdom of Ends (detail).

Here. Ceramic, fluorescent light, 18 x 18 x 8".

Caribou. Sidewalk chalk, 60 x 60 x 4".

Desk Lamp, 2010. Desk and fluorescent lights, 72 x 72 x 72".

2 D

Water Surface Series

Water Surface. Glicee print, 59 x 39". Ongoing series.

Wayfaring Series

Wayfaring series. Dimensions vary. Ongoing series.

Artist Statement

In my practice, I seek to explore relationships. I often work from concept to material and allow ideas to give structure to form. Through this process I examine the physical nature of my materials in relation to my concept. Like Gestalt psychology I use a sum of parts to define a whole. My end result seeks to define beauty. The beauty I seek is not solely reliant upon visual perception for satisfaction. I am less interested in producing a visually pleasing image and more interested in producing an experience that questions its comprising components. The quality of these components is determined by their relationship to their corresponding parts. When the qualities of the components are all equally important, an understanding of beauty is formed. My goal is to emulate these pre existing equations to create relationships of beauty. The synergetic correspondence between singular entities is a universal experience that is beyond my art making practice, it can be found in meaningful social situations or in the development of a precious mineral. Through my practice I hope to illuminate that beauty is not an end result but a process.


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