Dark Silence In Suburbia

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Matt Black

The Kingdom of Dust

Sheep at dawn. Firebaugh, California.

Watering a tomato field. Huron, California.

Dust storm ripps off a roof. Avenal, California.

A Farmworker clears tumbleweeds. Lamont, California.

Jobless man bathes in a ditch. Mendota, California.

Deserted storefronts. McFarland, California.

Kids playing in the road. Teviston, California.

Jobless man at his shantytown home. Fresno, California.

The People of Clouds

Late afternoon fog drifts through desert streets in this highland village. San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico.

Harvesting a drought-stunted field. San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico.

A woman cooks in the kitchen of her home. San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico.

A woman rests outside a store. El Ciruelo, Mexico.

Villagers celebrate their town's Saint's Day. San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico.

Clearing a field after burning. El Ciruelo, Mexico.

A boy inside his family's tin house. Santiago Mitlatongo, Mexico.

The Dispossession

Woman at her shantytown home. Fresno, California.

Former construction worker at a homeless camp. Fresno, California.

A marcher protests farm water cuts. Mendota, California.

Counting change in a homeless camp. Fresno, California.

Oaxacan Exodus

The daughter of indigenous Triqui immigrants at home. Kerman, California.

Young immigrant couple on a labor bus. Fresno, California.

A girl cares for her sister while her parents work the fields. Kerman, California.

A Triqui girl stands in the bathroom of a migrant camp. Hillsboro, Oregon.

The Black Oakies

Former cotton migrant at home. Teviston, California.

Mother and son at home. Tviston, California.

96 year old in his bedroom. Teviston, California.

Sisters alongside the road near their home. Allensworth, California.

Saroyan's Ghosts

Old town entrance. Fresno, California.

Abandoned restaurant. Fresno, California.

Homeless man near railyard. Fresno, California.

Abandoned artist's studio. Fresno, California.

Abandoned chinese cemetery. Fresno, California.

Bitter Harvest

Hmong worker tends vegetable farm. Fresno, California.

Hmong New Year celebration. Fresno, California.

Clan elders propose a toast. Fresno, California.

Hmong worker and her son. Fresno, California.

Joaquin's Town

Empty field after a flood. Three Rocks, California.

Squatter at an abandoned house. Three Rocks, California.

Riders along the highway. Mendota, California.

Man living at abandoned gas station. Three Rocks, California.

Cloud Stories

Houses drift downhill in a slow-motion landslide. Santiago Mitlatongo, Mexico.

A rainstorm dampens a family's shelter. Santiago Mitlatongo, Mexico.

Face of the Mountain

An old man returns home from his remote corn field. San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico.

A man left alone by his migrant children. San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico.

A woman returns home after working her field. San Miguel Cuevas, Mexico.

The Third Root

Digging for a drink in a dry riverbed. El Ciruelo, Mexico.

A funeral procession enters the cemetery. El Ciruelo, Mexico.

A mentally ill man tied to a house. El Ciruelo, Mexico.

Matt Black grew up in a small town in California Central Valley, a vast agricultural area in the heart of the state. He started photography at a young age and worked as a newspaper photographer while in his teens. He attended San Francisco State University , where he studied Latin American and US Labor history.


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