Dark Silence In Suburbia

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Ok, I am Human Now

A Selection of Collages
(Handmade & Digital)

Unrelenting Sugar Affect

Established Actor

Several Associations

Anything is Anything

Precious Angles

Relatively Complex

Subsequent Description

Spirit Function

Pleasant Design

Colossal Balance of Subjects

New Astronomy

Sailient Sister

Reverberating No

Suitable Location

No Senal
Collage images of a Cuban Television taking during a tropical storm

Ongoing Portrait Series

 Based in Leeds, Ventral’s portfolio is incredibly vast and varied ranging from film and illustration to collage and contextual writing. Ventral studied Graphic Arts at Leeds Met, leaving in 2010 with a more than impressive catalog of work. What really attracts me to Ventral is his taste for collage; beautiful cultural cross-referencing that is more concerned with the principles of design than trends. A dying practice throughout the Graphic Arts world. (via)




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