Dark Silence In Suburbia

Monday, July 8, 2013

Jesse Draxler

Imaginal Cells

•For whatever reason, after the caterpillar has turned into ooze, a new type of cells start appearing. The original ooze cells are NOT changing into these new cells, but rather the new cells seem to come out of nowhere. They just appear out of thin air so to speak. 
These new cells are called imaginal cells and they are so completely different from the original ooze cells that they are thought to be a virus or some other form of enemy so the ooze cells begin attacking the imaginal cells.



Bang & Blang



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Kahn / New Aesthetic



Floating in Space


As Is


Selections from Methadont
A year-long collaboration between myself and musician / wordsmith Benjamin Kucera. Read the full artist statementHERE.

Nothing's Shocking

Selections from Nothing's Shocking

•Exploring the phenomenon of a subculture's aesthetic being appropriated into mainstream medias. 
The individual pieces are mounted to magnets and placed on a sheet of stainless steel fixed to a wall.
The pieces are meant to be moved and repositioned by the viewer.

Jesse is an artist / illustrator working out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.



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