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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cendrine Rovini

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Cendrine Rovini is a french artist, currently living and working in Aurillac (Cantal, France). Her father, a sculptor, provided  the way to look at her surroundings with an attentive eye and taught her various artistic techniques: 

My imagery comes from territories of dream but I don't make metaphors or symbolic representations - these images really are, by themselves. They belong to the realm of metamorphosis, a recurrent theme in the polytheistic, animistic or shamanistic thoughts. Metamorphosis belongs to the multiple, to the becoming, as perhaps defined by Deleuze when he described the animal-becoming, plant-becoming, woman-becoming: it is not imitation or identification but poetic scrum which makes evident that worlds are fertilized and grown on each other, swollen with life, matter and invisible. 

I don't mean to illustrate any theory because my work doesn't find its roots into the intellectual sphere, I prefer the perceptive one. First comes alive the image into my imagination and I just want to « rewrite » it as closely as possible. My artworks carry into them their own intentions ; as sorcerers objetcs, they claim to bring their influence, to sow the seeds of an animistic vitality into the core of the spectator. Those creations return to animality, and even more to vegetality, assumed as the perfect way to be living on the Earth. The human being thought he was apart and beyond the natural realm which is allowing his life, while my work insists about the necessary conjunction between all the living figures for a real harmony and beauty.

My current work focuses on mixed media on paper, fabric or wood, and the use of graphite, colored pencil or watercolors makes possible a certain lightness of texture which allows my hands to freely express the inner world.



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