Dark Silence In Suburbia

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bonnie Marie Smith

Ceramic Sculpture

My work is inspired and informed by myth, dreams, and symbols. Most often I explore in my art themes of home, childhood, loss, nature, and the feminine experience. In these small sculptures, I work intuitively to reveal something of the inner world of each figure. Each piece is made of fired earthenware or porcelain clay with applied glazes, stains, paints, and the occasional found object.

Alices's Rabbit.

Bird woman.
Bonnet Strings.

Child with Standing Tree.

China Swan.


Gold Booted Messenger.

Hands Tied.

Leaning Girl.


Monkey with Orange.



Turned Woman.

Bust with Bowl.

Dancing Figure.

Frozen Charlotte.

Leaning Child.


Ostrich Eyes.

Sitting Figure.

Squirrel Baby.

Swan Neck.


Hand Maiden.

Jumping Dog.





Six Holes.

Swan Hare.


Always pleased to make use of discarded materials, these collages where crafted entirely out of torn newspapers. The scissor imagery came out of my dreams. The Scissors embody a union of opposites and represent the duel nature of a tool used for both destruction and creation.

Red Line.

Scissor Moth.

Scissor with Egg.

Two Scissors.

Untitled - Scissor and red thread.

Yellow Scissor.

Born in western NY state, I grew up on the family farm where I spent most of my early years in the woods and fields, exploring, developing a rich inner life, and drawing everything around me. My passion is for making things.
After taking a class in ceramics at college, I fell in love with clay and went on to graduate with a BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. Since that time I have worked in the field of decorative painting while continuing to develop my art through ceramics, collage, drawing and painting. I live and work in Kingston, NY.


I can be contacted:
by phone: 845-417-5633
by email: paperflowers27@aol.com

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