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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stephen Knezovich

Food Pyramids, 2013.

Creative Nonfiction #47 - 2013.

By day I serve as editor of the literary magazine Creative Nonfiction. Every issue of Creative Nonfiction features a different illustrator. I had the opportunity to illustrate the most recent issue, Creative Nonfiction #47: Female Form. Here are the illustrations, disembodied from the essays they were created to illustrate:

I've Had Better Days, 2012.

A Private Love, 2012.

Give A Girl A Hand,  2012.

Some Reservations, 2012.

This Is Not A Pipe, 2012.

Missed!?, 2012.

General Tso, 2012.

Graph Fundamentals, 2012.

I'm Torn, 2012.

It's Thi, 2012.

It's All Over yr Face, 2012.

Aura, 2012.

Politicas As Usual, 2012.

Seasonal Wardrobe, 2012.

22, 2012.

Close Call, 2012.

Slat 2, 2012.

Hello?, 2012.

Excogitate, 2012.

Quean, 2012.

Clark, 2011.

Dust Race, 2011.

Usufruct, 2011.

Wanderlust, 2011.

Miss Teen USA, 2010

Efficacous, 2009.

Noisome, 2009.

Sacrosant, 2009.

Carom, 2009.

Refulgent, 2009.

Artist Statement

Stephen Knezovich is an editor, writer and collage artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. Language and story play a major role in his work. Each collage is an attempt to recreate meaning. To tell a story. To ressurect a forgotten piece of our printed past.





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