Dark Silence In Suburbia

Monday, May 13, 2013

Alice Wellinger

How Red is Red? Editorial illustration for HOHE LUFT philosophy magazine.

Editorial illustration about the current trend of putting the bathtub in the bedroom.

Jekyll & Hyde. Acrylic on board.

Birthday card for an accountant's office clients.

7 of club.

She's wearing her homesick-sweater. Acrylic on board, 21 x 30 cm.

Finally Spring!, Acrylic on board.

Tattooed Woman. Acrylic on board.

Small portrait of a small person. Acrylic on board.

The couple. Acrylic on board.

The Bride. Acrylic on board.

Night. Acrylic, watercolor.

The calf and the beast. Acrylic on black paper.

Bag full of disillusions. Acrylic on board.

Voyagers meet up for a shot moment. Acrylic on board.

Life is dough that should be kneaded. Acrylic on black paper.

Counting missed opportunities. Acrylic on board.

Neurosenblüte. Blooming neuroses. Acrylic on board.

Portrait with a fly. Acrylic on board.

Dead deer. Ink on paper.

Men and Women. The Mighty Father.

Men and Women. Seeking Eva.

Men and Women. Seeking Adam.

Men and Women. Principles.

Men and Women. Devotedness.


Portrait of Sonja Danowski.

Federico Garcia Lorca.

Psalm 23.

Series: Acceptable Crisis

Confession: I can't stop talking nonsense.

Adolf as a child.

Grandmother's Coat.

Locked in.

My life as a Mandrill.

Marginal note. 

News Reloaded
Yesterdays headlines in a new context. Ongoing series.

Alice Wellinger is a self taught Austrian illustrator and author of children books. She also works for advertising and magazines worldwide.




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