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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Randy Mora

Personal Works

Be Ready When He Comes, 2013. Digital collage, 45 x 60 cm.

Esperándote, 2012. Digital collage, 46.7 x 66 cm.

A Dog's Dinner, 2012. Digital collage, 44.5 x 63 cm.

Young Americans, 2011. Digital collage, 48 x 66 cm.

Gulliver's Sins, 2011.Digital collage, 53 x 66 cm.

Torre Blanca, 2010. Digital collage, 66 x 51.35 cm.
La Pitonisa, 2010. Digital collage, 50 x 65 cm.

Untitled, 2010. Digital collage, 52 x 65 cm.

Pan de Vida, 2010. Digital collage, 46 x 60 cm.

Magritte's Trap, 2010. Digital collage, 43 x 50 cm.

Devil Got My Woman, 2010. Digital collage, 50 x 44 cm.

Careless Love, 2009. Digital collage, 65 x 45 cm.

Madre, 2009. Digital collage, 73 x 45 cm.
Nisi Dominua, 2009. Digital collage, 43.5 x 60 cm.
Biological, 2009. Digital collage, 46 x 60 cm.

The Amazing Truth, 2009. Digital collage, 60 x 48 cm.

Commissioned Work

Printing Press, 2013. Client: Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

How To: Escape Handcuffs, 2013. Client: Wired UK.

'Come On, Earth--let's shine a new ligh on black holes', 2013. Client: Wired UK.

Chapter and Verse, 2012. Client: The CMA.
The article is about the strong and valuable relationship between brands and stories. The inspiration for the piece comes from the famous book by Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and his description ofThe Hero's Journey, a basic pattern found in most narrative structures.

Genegenius, 2012. Client: The Quarterly Magazine.
"One of the most exciting fields of biology, epigenetics explores how seemingly identical cells can perform very differently".

Welcome All, 2012. Client: Museums Association.

Down to the Wireless, 2011. Client: The Quarterly Magazine.

My Favourite Independent Bookshop: Gay's the Word, London, 2011. Client: The Guardian.

Las 'Trifulcas' de la Drummond, 2011 (The 'Disputes of Drummond, 2011). Client: Dinero, Business and Economy Magazine.

Enfermedad de Parkinson, 2011 ( Parkinson's Disease, 2011). Client: Bienestar Magazine.

Guerra de Letras, 2009 (War Letters, 2009) Client: Dinero, Business and Economy Magazine.

Architects of Sound, 2009. Client: Bacànika Magazine.

Randy Mora (b.1986, Bogotá, Colombia) is a freelance illustrator, working and living in Bogotá, Colombia.


Randy Mora is represented by YCN in the UK:




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